Minecraft PE1.16.220.02 for Android

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Minecraft PE1.16.220.02 for Android

Get updates Minecraft and learn the latest news. In patch, you’re waiting for a variety of fixes, including technical. Lot of new features, so hit links below to update!


Tables in MCBE

Release of mountain goats, axolotls, and upgraded generation of rocks and caves in MCPE on tablet is not yet soon. Does not mean that developers keep us beyond innovations. Colored-tablets appeared in this version.

Minecraft PE1.16.220.02 for Android

Players able to dye-text, make colorful announcements for their worlds or mods, and after introduction of stingrays, even glowing ink obtainable.



On resulting inscription you need to use dye to color tone of letters on board. Authors taken care to ensure that is support for all available in-game palettes. If you like brightness and numerous shades, try to repaint the caption.



As expected, full-version of Minecraft-PE has a decent numeral of bugfixes. We will touch on gameplay bug-fixes. Mechanical ones as much as 27 pieces, half of which is designed for Game-Test mode.


Minecraft PE1.16.220.02 for Android

Crash when changing name for card on anvil, second-hand occupied

Throwing potion and go into portal at same time no longer cause collapse

Humanoid monsters wear shields

Missing creatures when join in netherworld

Passing arrows straight structural blocks

Bug with blacking pistons

Correction for on-screen annunciator when reading with VR glasses

Friends search-button in Minecraft-Bedrock was added to X-Box

Controllers work on Jurassic World-maps

If you decide to download Minecraft-BE previous-version on android, you notice that corrected death-screen

Adjusted translucent rendering in interface

Improved scaling of buttons after application of resource packs

/clear command applied on seedlings

Regulated areas for command-blocks

Header console-command stopped duplicating text characters

Uncontrolled editing of skins for split screen game

Edited Alex’s shirt textures when modifying appearance of pants

Introduced display for emotion «Hurrah» !

Creators of maps and addons can exploit templates

Visualization of fog in Void-biomes

Location of trident in hands of Drowners when attacking

Protection positioning for mobs

Passage of shells direct Structure Void

«Enter» in different languages.

Entity-names not flipped when cheats disabled

Projectile behavior on third-party servers

Minecraft PE1.16.220.02 for Android

Minecraft PE1.16.220.02 for Android

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