Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE [Beta version]

The test version of Minecraft PE for Android is now accessible. The development team has carefully considered the five most commonly reported problems from the online user community.

The most recent release of Minecraft has gone through an optimization phase, with developers giving top priority to resolving crucial issues in order to improve the gaming experience for all players. We hold a positive outlook for ongoing development, particularly following the Minecraft Live event.

Notable Improvements:

Decreased occurrences of crashes.
The keyboard now functions correctly, even after using signs.
Items are now crafted accurately on touchscreen devices, even under crafting conditions.
Mobs will no longer spawn on full blocks.
The “§” symbol is now displayed correctly on iOS devices.
It is essential to keep in mind that this is a test version, and we strongly advise creating backups of your game worlds to prevent any potential loss of progress.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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