Minecraft PE for Android

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Minecraft PE for Android

Excited MCPE
Developers make next release focused on technical part of game, app becomes productive.

Note that in Minecraft. Users able to open application faster, as well as freely use custom skins.

Features of Minecraft-Bedrock
People could not show off their outfits in front because client crashed when entering server.

Minecraft PE for Android

In fact, list of changes in Minecraft-PE is quite large, because publishing of Nether-update, began to complain about a variety of bugs.

Example, Netherite and items crafted from it no longer jump on lava. Hoglins don’t attack player on peaceful difficulty.

Minecraft PE for Android


It is still possible to trade. Netherite-armor do unique sound when puts on.

Placing roots of Netherworld, new noises.

Gamers protest «scary» melodies that hears in caves played in Minecraft-Store.

Creators patched this element. Interesting collapse that Wither’s health bar often dropped to zero.

Trouble misled us, we thought they dead. Solved

In graphics-area,
7 modify. Main things:
Improved textures of strider-legs.
Created file biomes-client.json, associated definition of mist in environment
Added /fog command to control fog-weather


12 gameplay-related upgrades. Major:
Monster no launch minecart.
Losing hearts when going through sweet berry bush
Slime climb stairs
Display of ladders
Applying compass doesn’t remove compass-name from Magnetite
Crimson and Warped mushrooms feasible to spawn on mycelium

Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

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