Minecraft PE [Release]

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Minecraft PE [Release]

We are delighted to declare the official launch of Minecraft PE for Android, encompassing significant updates aimed at enhancing stability and reducing crashes.

Our dedicated team of developers remains committed to their schedule, consistently delivering fresh iterations of MCPE. With this most recent release, we have successfully addressed specific issues that were causing crashes during resource pack downloads and server logins. These concerns have been promptly resolved to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience for all our users.
Although the changes may not seem like much, each modification is carefully aimed at improving the overall stability of the game.

Bugs fixed:

  • Resolved resource pack loading issues present in version 1.20.10.
  • There are significantly fewer crashes in Minecraft on iOS.
  • Improved server login stability.

We appreciate your continued support and will continue to work hard to bring you even more reliable and enjoyable updates in the future. Good game!

Minecraft PE [Release]

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