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Jenny 2 mod

Download the Jenny 2 mod for MCPE on Android: take care of the lady of your heart and build romantic relationships with her!

  • Peculiarities:

Every player has at least once thought about how to make the gameplay more interesting. In Mod, new characters will be added to the pixel world, with whom the player will be able to interact. Client with the modifications can meet and befriend one of five charming girls and spend time with her.

Slime Girl:

  • The main feature of the addon is the Slime Girl – a mob added by the Jenny 2 mod to the pixel game. She is a charming girl presented in the image of a slime monster, with green translucent skin and dark green hair. Unlike her monster relatives, she has a more kind-hearted nature and is not hostile to the main character.
  • Despite her shy nature, she can be characterized as a very energetic girl. The Slime Girl has several movement animations.
  • On land, she can move with characteristic animated jumps, as well as regular walking. She can also swim. Steve can invite the young lady on a date or for a walk and have a good time in pleasant company.
  • Steve is able to give the girl a flower.

Jenny 2 mod


  • The elegant lady named Luna can also become a good friend for the MCPE user with the Jenny 2 mod. The girl is dressed in a cute top and shorts. Long curly hair flows over her shoulders, and a headband with cat ears completes the look. Neko Girl differs from her friends in a more calm temperament.
  • The user can invite the lady on a date.



  • To build a relationship with a girl, the main character with will have to give the lady not only love but also care. Girls need protection from evil enemies and attention from Steve.

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