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Tropical Fauna addon

To diversify the game space, the Tropical Fauna addon with animals will help. The game will feature three dozen new animals. Each of them has its own characteristics and habits.

Animals provide additional opportunities for the character. The animals look cute, but some of them should be avoided as they are dangerous for the character.

To avoid death, the user needs to study these creatures.

Blue-tongued skink:

  • Appears in jungles.
  • Can lay several eggs, the time of appearance of offspring is 500 seconds.
  • Reproduce with berries.
  • Can climb walls.

Wooden lizards with blue tails:

  • These lizards can be tamed using a spider eye and have the ability to lay eggs, glide in the air, reproduce, and sit on the player’s shoulder.

Draco Lizards:

  • Draco lizards have the ability to lay eggs, glide, climb onto the player’s shoulder, and can be tamed using a spider eye.

Alligator-like turtles:

  • These turtles have the ability to lay eggs, attack fish, and can be tamed using salmon.

Giant Japanese salamander:

  • These salamanders have the ability to lay eggs and reproduce with salmon and cod.

Surinamese frogs:

  • These frogs have the ability to lay eggs and reproduce with slime.


  • Tadpoles are the early stage of frogs and feed on slime balls.

Asian Arowanas:

  • These fish feed on small fish.

Screenshots do not fully showcase all the new additions; players will be able to fully explore them in the game.

What’s new in the addon?

A plethora of new creatures from the Tropical Fauna modification has been introduced to Minecraft PE.

Tropical Fauna addon 1.20+/1.19+

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