Enderman Weapons Mod

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Enderman Weapons

The Enderman Weapons mod will introduce a new Ender boss into Minecraft PE, providing you with the opportunity to obtain high-quality weapons with cool abilities through battles with him.

  • Features:

The mod adds weapons crafted from Endermen technology to the game. This powerful weaponry can become your reliable companion in battles against monsters and other players.

  • Ender Boss:

Engage in thrilling battles with the Ender Boss. His attacks and abilities will make the encounter unpredictable and exciting. He will have various cool attacks and abilities.

Enderman Weapons

  • How to Summon the Boss:

You need to find an Ender stone and open it using an Ender eye.

Enderman Weapons

  • Ammunition:

After defeating him, you will receive a chest in MCPE. Ammunition will be found inside.

Enderman Weapons

  • Weapons:

Each weapon will have cool abilities.

Enderman Weapons

  • Armor:

New armor and weapons will be added to the game.

Enderman Weapons

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