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Jenny Mod

If you’re tired of playing as male characters and portraying yourself as an invincible warrior, now you have an excellent opportunity to download the Jenny mod for Minecraft PE on Android and play as a cute girl!

Jenny Mod

Functions: Why It’s Needed

So, who is Jenny, and where does she live? Developers answer these popular questions as the mod provides a fantastic chance to experience being a girl for a while and act based on her decisions.

Previously available only in the PC version, it has now made its way to the mobile application. This mod introduces a rather charming yet provocative inhabitant of the pixelated world, exerting her influence over male characters.

Jenny Mod

Distinctive Features:

  • An adult female character appears on the interactive map.
  • The heroine possesses a unique set of emotions.
  • Her mood changes depending on the player’s actions – just like in real life.
  • She can express dissatisfaction with things done or left undone.
  • She might flirt with NPCs she fancies.
  • Occasionally, she’s capable of daring and revealing actions. However, these are usually available only after additional payment.
  • There’s an option to shower the girl with diamonds and furs – and then she’ll “melt.”

Jenny Mod

Jenny Mod

Structure and Housing:

In the cubic reality, Jenny resides in her own home, resembling a multi-story church. She can appear anywhere and start spawning there – the add-on creators didn’t limit her in this regard.

A special lever summons the beauty into her home, where it’s located. This way, you can set up multiple houses and attract numerous beauties simultaneously.

They will follow Steve closely until he presents them with a magnificent gift. Then, different actions and events will unfold.

Jenny Mod

Realistic Appearance:

It’s known that practically all characters in the game have a flat appearance, due to graphic limitations. However, the cool Jenny mod for Minecraft PE features convex and impressive forms! This notably sets the game girl apart from other Sandbox inhabitants.


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