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Addon:Detailful Guns

The extensive Detailful Guns add-on is sure to captivate any Minecraft PE enthusiast. It introduces dozens of intricately detailed firearms, new minerals, ammunition types, and several intriguing mechanics for interacting with these items. Some items are exceptionally rare, adding an extra layer of excitement to world exploration.

How to wield the firearms?

Addon:Detailful Guns
To use firearms, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with a new interaction mechanic:

To fire a shot, you must hold down the right mouse button for an extended period.

To access all available weapons, simply hold them in your hands, start sneaking, and interact with the corresponding block.

Addon:Detailful Guns
Reloading is done through crafting.
Firearms with scopes can shoot more accurately when in sneak mode.
Now, in Minecraft PE, you’ll discover a wide variety of highly detailed firearms, each with its own recoil and reloading animation. You can even upgrade your guns by attaching suppressors to reduce gunshot noise or increasing magazine capacity.

Addon:Detailful Guns

If you’ve been longing to engage in genuine combat scenarios within the blocky world, this modification is a must-try. All the weapons are crafted with remarkable realism, and bullets can shatter glass, leaving empty casings at the shooting site.

Addon:Detailful Guns

Addon:Detailful Guns


  • Download the mod.
  • pen the files using Minecraft.
  • Activate the sets in the settings.
  • Enable “Experimental Settings.”
  • Launch your world.

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