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Tales Of The Swamp addon

This character thrives in memes, games, etc., which is why the Tales Of The Swamp addon was created for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Among various universes from animated films, Shrek still holds a prominent position.

With this add-on, users will have the opportunity to encounter Shrek. This character is well-crafted and comes with distinctive features. There is also Donkey, who is encountered worldwide.

Shrek’s Features:

  • Health Points: 100
  • No fall damage
  • Damage: 14
  • Attacks everyone
  • Formidable opponent
  • Can Roar and push back enemies
  • The Ogre Roar deals minimal damage

Tales Of The Swamp addon

Ogre Roar:

The loud roar is one of the primary crowd attacks. This ability inflicts minimal damage but allows for throwing creatures a significant distance.

Onion Farm:

Onion saplings can be found in almost all biomes. Be cautious, as frequent onion consumption can cloud the mind.
If you give Shrek an onion, he will let out a loud belch. Bring fire near the Ogre, and the belch will ignite.

Tales Of The Swamp addon

To use the Tales Of The Swamp addon, enable “Experimental Features” in the map settings.

Tales Of The Swamp addon

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