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Deshret Addon

Enhance your Minecraft world on Android with the Deshret Addon, introducing new items and bosses.

If you’re looking for more exciting challenges in the game, this modification is perfect for you. It introduces several intriguing bosses and items within the blocky world of Minecraft.

What the modification brings:

It is known as the Egyptian moniker “Deshret,” signifying the Lower Egypt crown. As a result, anticipate some intriguing content. Within the game, you will cross paths with the Lord of Cadavers. To beckon his presence, you’ll have to fashion the crown and then employ it. He bestows upon you an exceptional sword.

Deshret Addon

For summoning the second adversary, you’ll be required to construct time-stopping timepieces. The process of summoning the boss remains unchanged. To activate it, you must engage the experimental settings.

Deshret Addon

The third formidable foe can be called forth by erecting the Pillar of the Deceased. A prolonged press on it is necessary.

Deshret Addon


  • Download the add-on.
  • Access the files via Minecraft.
  • Enable the sets in the settings.
  • Activate “Experimental Settings.”
  • Initiate your world.

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