ReplayCraft Replay addon 1.20+

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ReplayCraft Replay addon

The ReplayCraft Replay addon allows you to set points for a special camera to fly through, enabling you to create cinematic sequences for your Minecraft PE (Bedrock) map or YouTube channel.

ReplayCraft Replay addon

Unique Features of the Replay Frames Addon:

This addon can be utilized in your survival world, adventure maps, and beyond! It serves as a straightforward addition to Minecraft PE (Bedrock Edition) specifically designed for frame playback.

How it Works:

Simply place several points for the camera to navigate through. Then, click on “Start,” initiating frame playback in MCPE. In the settings, you can adjust the smoothness of transitions between frames.

To configure the camera, hold a block of dirt in your hand and interact with it.

ReplayCraft Replay addon

ReplayCraft Replay addon

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