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Chests mod

Download the Chests mod for Minecraft PE on Android and witness the changes. In the famous online strategy game, a very cute and friendly mob has appeared, ready to become a loyal companion to the active character.

Chests Mod for MCPE: What Awaits the User

The creators of the well-known online strategy game thought it would be nice for many players to have unusual chests that can love and befriend users. And they do a lot of cool things!

Their advantages:

  • The chests resemble affectionate pets and behave very much like horses or wolves.
  • Living containers are devoted to their owners and will faithfully follow them everywhere.
  • They are ready to protect Steve from the attacks of numerous enemies and carefully examine his immediate surroundings.
  • An enhanced security system eliminates the need to worry about item theft from these “safes”.
  • Reliable storage systems automatically lock when an intruder tries to break in – ensuring the complete safety of items and treasures.
  • The modification includes keys issued to chest owners and trusted individuals. Without them, the chest cannot be opened.

Chests mod

Chests mod

Friend Chest:

Now active characters are not alone in conquering the pixelated space: they have very cute and unusual chest friends. They possess a wealth of valuable knowledge and can brighten the long journey.

Their description:

Such a chest has its own mind, will, and behavior model.

The item has drawn legs, which means it can move on its own.

If disobedient, you can put a leash on the chest or even tie it to a pole. This is reminiscent of walking a dog.

The container tirelessly protects the items placed in it along the entire route to the specified point.

It protects Steve in moments of unexpected danger.

Special Containers

This mod presents items such as:

  • Cabinets;
  • Safes;
  • Boxes;
  • Containers.

Chests mod

Chests mod

Chests mod


Such storage systems have keys and protect against intrusion. However, Steve can always break into someone else’s storage himself – just use a pickaxe!

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