Dog’s Expansion Mod 1.20+

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Dog's Expansion Mod 1.20+

The dog is undeniably the ultimate companion. Not only do they exhibit unwavering love towards their owners, but they are also remarkably trainable.

In the realm of Minecraft, one can enhance their gameplay experience by utilizing the Dog’s Expansion MCPE mod, which introduces various types of loyal creatures that can be domesticated. However, amidst these friendly beings, players must also be wary of a hostile presence—an infected zombie.


Brown color:
Learned pork

Dog's Expansion Mod 1.20+

Feed fresh meat

Dog's Expansion Mod 1.20+

Tameable with fish

Dog's Expansion Mod 1.20+

Zombie Dog:
Appears at night
Burning in the sun
Drop Bones

Dog's Expansion Mod 1.20+

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