Bedrock Prison Escape Map

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Bedrock Prison Escape Map

Download the Bedrock Prison Escape Map for Minecraft PE on your Android device and embark on a quest to free yourself from an exceptionally cunning trap.

Map: Bedrock Prison Escape for MCPE

It’s common knowledge that breaking bedrock in Minecraft PE is an insurmountable task. But what if you were suddenly confined to a room where every element is constructed from bedrock? Breaking through the walls or creating a hole in the floor seems improbable. Your only recourse is to rely on your intellect and ingenuity.

Bedrock Prison Escape Map

This map challenges you to unravel numerous puzzles and devise a strategy to break free from the bedrock prison, utilizing only a limited set of items.

What’s in store for you?

Bedrock Trap
Upon stepping into the map, a landscape dominated by bedrock may give the impression of an inescapable situation. However, a chest catches your eye, introducing a new set of challenges as you contemplate your next move.

Bedrock Prison Escape Map

Diverse Rooms and Puzzles:

Upon successfully navigating the initial room, you’ll soon realize that the journey is far from concluded; it only becomes more intricate and captivating. Fresh enigmas and puzzles arise, creating a whirlwind of mental challenges.

Bedrock Prison Escape Map

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