Skyblock Edition 1.20 map

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Skyblock Edition 1.20 map

The Skyblock Edition 1.20 map encompasses a wealth of captivating elements, featuring diverse biomes, structures, and more. It stands out as the quintessential and enthralling skyblock experience for MCPE users. Players can lead a completely ordinary life on levitating islands and explore almost all well-known locations in the blocky world.

Naturally, the ultimate objective remains to defeat the dragon after thoroughly investigating all possible facets.

Noteworthy changes in the latest version:

Compatibility with 1.20
Incorporated features from the recent game update, introducing two biomes, structures, and various blocks.


Map modifications:

  • Zombies now drop gravel.
  • Corpses drop sand.
  • Drowned mobs drop clay.
  • Piglins provide the option to purchase new items.

Skyblock Edition 1.20 map

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