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New York City mapDownload the New York City map for MCPE on Android and set off on an adventure to explore the city’s most interesting and popular areas.

Location descriptions:

Upon downloading the map, players will find themselves in the largest city in the USA. Here, players can immerse themselves in the culture and features of this place, wander through famous and popular streets, and study the city’s architecture.


New York City map

New York City map

New York City map


  • Alongside Manhattan, this area is also one of the largest boroughs of NY and is beautifully rendered.
  • It is easy to recognize by its characteristic features: small buildings made in a uniform style, faced with red brick.
  • Despite the fact that the map is quite small, it is incredibly cozy and pleasant. Being here gives you a real sense of being on the streets of NY.

New York City map

New York City map

New York:

  • If Minecraft PE players want to immerse themselves as much as possible in the real city, then this New York build is perfect.
  • The location is incredibly close to the original look of the city. If any of the crafters have been here, they will easily recognize some areas and places.
  • The creators plan to expand the location with new objects and areas. Therefore, those who like this map can look forward to its updates.
  • The New York map for Minecraft PE will transport you to the financial, cultural, and commercial center of the city. It is filled with skyscrapers, modern and fashionable buildings, and structures.

The creators have done an excellent job with it, so players will definitely have plenty to see and explore in this location.

Additionally, the territory is quite large, and players will spend quite a few hours fully exploring it.

By the way, the developers warn that they plan to further expand the map, so you can expect some innovations.

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