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Zombie Apocalypse Horde

This user-created map, Zombie Apocalypse Horde, is tailored for those who enjoy intense storylines. The undead await you in the vastness of the blocky Minecraft universe! The map is multiplayer-friendly, offering 16 adventure scenarios across various locations and accommodating over 35 players simultaneously.


To enhance interaction with all map elements, download the special Zombie Horde mod. This allows you to assemble a complete original apocalypse world for MCPE: featuring not only mobs and locations but also new items, weapons, a soundtrack, and even a special interface. And most importantly – a well-thought-out storyline!

To obtain unique items and weapons on the map, you’ll need to work for it: explore locations and slay zombies, as no one will hand you full equipment at the starting level.

Zombie Apocalypse Horde

  • Traders:

You can purchase armor even within the zombie world: a peace-loving duck in the pond serves as the trader.

Zombie Apocalypse Horde

Zombie Apocalypse Horde

Game Modes:

Various game modes for battling zombies are available on the map, each with its own features. More than 10 types of adventures and endless attacks await. Let’s delve into the game modes further so you can tackle different challenges in the apocalypse world.

  • Zone Holding:

Your task is to clear 5 zones of zombies and capture them, repelling enemy attacks. The more players in multiplayer, the quicker you can accomplish the task.

Zombie Apocalypse Horde


  • Apocalypse:

As if no one realized the end of the world has come! In this mode, there’s a counter for killed zombies, but kills by your chainsaw are not counted. The more enemies you kill, the more experience you gain.

Zombie Apocalypse Horde

  • Ghost Town:

Your starting position here is quite grim – zero experience. You’ll have to guess where the zombies will appear, and their flow is relentless. Bonus (hee-hee, not for you!) – zombies are reinforced.

Zombie Apocalypse Horde

  • Johnny:

Not too friendly – in this mode, the chainsaw will attack you.

Zombie Apocalypse Horde

  • Bobby:

Another unfriendly guy in this world. He’s very dangerous because he’ll not only attack you but also deal 32 damage with just one hit.

Zombie Apocalypse Horde

  • Zombie Totem:

Another variation of the apocalypse mode, but all zombies here are enhanced. And you… well, it’s luck of the draw. Visit the shop before venturing into this world.

Zombie Apocalypse Horde

  • Village Defender:

Turns out, there are still survivors in the apocalypse world. You’ll have to defend the village resident from zombies and heal them with special golden apples.

Zombie Apocalypse Horde

  • Endless Mode:

Your battle with zombies will never end! Fight endlessly in three types of apocalypse, but zombies… there are too many of them to ever stop.


The Zombie Horde map features three main types of locations. But wherever you are, they’ll surely find you!

  • Underground Sewers

Zombie Apocalypse Horde

  • City Ruins

Zombie Apocalypse Horde

  • Settlement

Zombie Apocalypse Horde


The updated version of the map with bug fixes, interesting innovations, and an enhanced damage system is now available for download.

Supported Versions:

  • 1.20.12
  • 1.20.10

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