True Backpack mod 1.20+

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True Backpack mod 1.20+

The True Backpack mod for Minecraft PE introduces highly useful items, which are essential for exploring the game world – backpacks. The key feature of this particular addition, setting it apart from numerous similar modifications, is the presence of a special icon that enables quick identification of whether a backpack is equipped or not.

True Backpack mod 1.20+

The backpack mod comes with a range of intriguing features:

  • You can craft a classic backpack with 64 slots.
  • Additional slots for transporting tools and buckets will be added.
  • If needed, you can craft a more advanced backpack with 256 available slots and immunity to lava.

True Backpack mod 1.20+
Items can be placed directly into the backpack, and they will be visible in your inventory.

Full compatibility with any other add-ons.

True Backpack mod 1.20+

How to use the backpack?

Hold an item that resembles a glove in your hand. Press the “sneak” button and strike any block with this glove.

True Backpack mod 1.20+

The icon will indicate whether the backpack is equipped on you or not.
Now, by downloading True Backpack, the number of items you can carry at once will significantly increase, allowing you to return to your chest less frequently. To remove the backpack, press and hold the sneak key and strike with any item.

True Backpack mod 1.20+


  • Download the mod.
  • Open the files using Minecraft.
  • Activate the packs in the settings.
  • Enable “Experimental Settings.”
  • Launch your world.

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