Minecraft [Beta version]

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Minecraft [Beta version]

The preliminary release of Minecraft PE for Android has been unveiled, introducing an automated crafting station called the “Crafter,” in addition to resolving three issues and implementing eight technical enhancements. This version represents the initial testing update to incorporate content from Minecraft 1.21!


  • The Crafter is an automated crafting table, accessible when enabling Experimental features.
  • t generates the desired item when a Redstone signal is provided within Minecraft.
  • Crafting the Crafter requires Redstone, Iron Ingots, a standard crafting table, and a dispenser.
  • It boasts a blast resistance rating of 3.5 units.
  • The comparator can both receive and transmit signals from the Crafter.
  • The signal strength is contingent on the quantity of occupied and deactivated slots.
  • You have the option to manually prepare recipes:
  • Arrange materials within the designated slots.
  • Supply a Redstone signal to initiate crafting.
  • Recipes can also be devised through mechanisms:
  • Disable undesired slots by clicking to prevent items from entering them.
  • Convey the necessary resources to the Crafter via a hopper.
  • Activate a Redstone signal for crafting.
  • One Redstone signal yields one item.
  • During crafting, the Crafter emits particles and sound effects.

Bug Fixes:

  • Three issues have been rectified, with the most significant ones being:
  • Rectified the horizontal hitbox of the End Rod when placed.
  • Addressed the swaying behavior of Decorative Pots when interacted with unsuccessfully.
  • Overgrown and fully-grown mobs now disembark from boats automatically.

Technical Adjustments:

A total of thirty technical modifications have been introduced, primarily geared towards addon developers.

Minecraft [Beta version]

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