Reach the Button map

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Reach the Button map

Reach the Button stands as a thrilling map meticulously crafted for Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition, promising players an enthralling challenge. In this map, your primary goal remains unchanged: to access a button situated at the far end of every stage.

Every stage introduces distinctive barriers, riddles, and conundrums. To advance through each segment within MCPE, a harmonious blend of dexterity, celerity, and strategic reasoning will be your constant companion. Anticipate traversing chasms through well-timed jumps, operating switches, navigating dynamic platforms, deciphering intricate mazes, and a host of other engaging obstacles.

Reach the Button map

Key Features:

This location also provides an opportunity to compete with friends. You can engage in multiplayer mode and compete for the fastest completion time on each level.

With its splendid design and carefully crafted levels, it delivers an enthralling and gratifying gaming experience in Minecraft. Are you ready to conquer all obstacles and reach the button? Give it a try.

Reach the Button map


  • Download the map.
  • Open the files using Minecraft.
  • Start your world.

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