House Trap map

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House Trap map

For survival in the distinctive realm of Minecraft Bedrock Edition, acquire the House Trap map!

This map presents an extensive manor where your in-game persona finds themselves restricted. Your objective involves uncovering the exit route within the Minecraft Android version, all the while safeguarding against hordes of zombies.

How to Play

House Trap map

Your objective on this map is to uncover the mansion’s exit in Minecraft. Zombies can pose a substantial challenge and represent a genuine threat to your character, particularly due to the limited availability of equipment in MCPE.

Furthermore, you’ll need to tackle various puzzles along the journey. While they might not be numerous, they are skillfully designed. You’ll also cross paths with creepers and spiders.

House Trap map


  • Download the map.
  • Access the files through Minecraft.
  • Launch the world.

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