Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE [Beta version]

What’s new in Minecraft
The Bedrock Edition Wild Update continues the series of updates in which developers Mojang fixes bugs and adds interesting content, seamlessly integrating it into the existing world.

Mangrove Swamps:
New territories have long been announced by the developers. Finally in the game you can walk around these places.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]
Not only do beautiful branchy mangrove trees grow in this biome. There are also a lot of mud blocks underfoot, which can serve as material for different purposes.

Old Town:
The studio has diversified the biomes in the MCPE version. The developers have created a whole city in the biome of the dark depths.
In these places it is worth looking for chests with loot, but you need to do it carefully: everywhere you will come across cliff sensors.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]
New blocks:
The creators of the game decided to decorate the world with multicolored decorative blocks of the frog. This unusual resource players can get with the help of swamp dwellers.

The frog must be baited with a block of magma, and after it swallows the dainty, there will be a drop.

Glowing rock blocks are generated in the dungeons, and some of them are suitable for creating acoustic traps. And they can not only pick up signals, but also transmit.

By the way, the skulk-shrieker has another curious property: it can impose a darkness effect on the hero.
Minecraft PE [Beta version]
The long-awaited monster has finally settled in the Dark Depths. Now anyone daring to go down into the dungeon will be greeted by the hero.

The creature receives signals of the player’s presence from the rock sensor. In addition, the mob itself has an increased sensitivity to sounds, because he has no vision.
Minecraft PE [Beta version]
Mountain Goats:
In mountain biomes Steve will meet goats, which have valuable horns. When the animal crashes into a hard surface, the player receives this item.
Minecraft PE [Beta version]
Frogs and Tadpoles:
They are found in the swamps of the cubic world. These tiny creatures can only live in water. Over time, they grow and become large specimens.
By the way you can catch them, do not forget to bring a bucket.
It is worth noting the quality animation of the swamp dwellers, it is noticeable in the jumping of amphibians. You can hear the croaking, very similar to the real one.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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