Manhunt – Track Speedrunner Addon 1.20+

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Manhunt - Track Speedrunner Addon 1.20+

Numerous online videos feature adept players outmaneuvering their counterparts in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Typically, this mode provides an exceedingly entertaining and satisfying experience, appealing to a wide audience. The Manhunt – Track Speedrunner extension streamlines this concept.

By incorporating the modification into the game, players can seamlessly transition into the roles of either the pursued or the pursuers, all without requiring complex commands. The developer has thoughtfully introduced a select few items that necessitate activation for this purpose.


  • Designate the participant who will assume the role of the fugitive (Speedrunner) and equip them with the “Speedrunner” item.
  • Identify the pursuing hunters and provide each of them with the “Hunter” item.
  • Delight in the ensuing pursuit and excitement that follows

Manhunt - Track Speedrunner Addon 1.20+

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