Anime Waifus add-on 1.20+

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Anime Waifus add-on

The Anime Waifus add-on introduces anime girls to Minecraft PE, providing an opportunity for players to nurture and care for them. Additionally, these girls are equipped with a dedicated interface, allowing for efficient management.

Key Features of the Anime Waifus Add-on:

For those interested in adding new mobs to MCPE, this add-on is an ideal choice. Furthermore, these heroes can serve as decorative elements on various maps.


This modification incorporates 8 characters into Minecraft, each possessing unique animations and behaviors.


  • Chika Fujiwara
  • Elizabeth
  • Elma
  • Hana Uzaki
  • Megumin
  • Ram
  • Rem
  • Zero Two

Anime Waifus add-on

How to Care for Them:

To tame the girls, offer them bread. You also have the option to make them sit.

By crouching and holding down on the lady, an interface will appear. Here, you can monitor their health, instruct them to follow you, and adjust their attack behavior as needed.

Anime Waifus add-on

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