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Golem Mod

Acquiring the Golem Modification for Minecraft Pocket Edition entails embarking on a journey into villages, where one will encounter an assortment of fortified guardians for these settlements, now imbued with heightened strength and resilience.

What’s Captivating?

Common understanding dictates that villages within Minecraft PE are frequently subjected to attacks. During the daylight hours, there’s the menace of marauders, while the cover of darkness ushers in hordes of zombies. In an endeavor to shield the local populace, game developers introduced village sentinels into the gameplay.

Typically, these sentinels amble peacefully across the settlement’s terrain and are capable of engaging in combat against any adversaries who threaten the villagers. The Golem Modification seeks to elevate the appearance and capabilities of these entities.


Moreover, this update of the Golem Modification introduces an array of fresh creatures. Novel characters will emerge throughout the cubic realm. Particularly noteworthy is the Hulk Golem, bearing a striking resemblance to the globally recognized character.

Amidst the guardians, magma and lava variations stand out due to their ability to traverse through fire and boiling liquids. Worthy of mention is the Unmerited Assembly, boasting four times the strength of an average individual.

Furthermore, Titanium proves to be valuable as it provides crafting components for exceptionally sturdy armor. This bestows upon players of Minecraft PE the opportunity to not only enhance their gameplay but also to forge new items vital for survival.

Golem Mod


Thanks to this supplementary Golem Modification content, ten fresh Golem iterations will seamlessly integrate into the cubic universe. Specific entities, such as the Hostile Forgotten or Grape, pose a challenge to players, demanding careful preparation for such encounters.

The Snow Golem, renowned for its resilience, dwells in the mountains and possesses a considerable health pool of 140 units. Conversely, the Grass Golem lacks swiftness or potency, finding its habitat in the plains.

The epitome of mightiness is embodied by the Obsidian Defender, distinguishable by its ebony hue and considerable size compared to its standard counterparts.

Golem Mod

Golem Mod

Golem Mod

Colossal Stone Golem:

This addition introduces aficionados of Minecraft PE to one of the most massive creatures ever conceived by virtual world developers. The Stone Golem modification presents an immense mob capable of toppling a player with a single blow.

Golem Mod

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