Tree Capitator with Vein Miner add-on

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Tree Capitator with Vein Miner add-on

Are you tired of having to manually harvest each individual block of wood and ore in Minecraft? Do you wish to increase your efficiency and speed up these tasks? Look no further than the Tree Capitator with Vein Miner addon.

With this mod, players can effortlessly fell entire trees and mine various ores in a matter of seconds, resulting in a significant reduction in time spent on these activities.

Here’s how it works:

The addon is specifically designed for use in survival mode.
To swiftly bring down a tree, simply crouch and break its lowest block.
This convenient feature is compatible with all types of trees, ensuring a streamlined experience.
For efficient mining of multiple ores in one location, crouch and break any variant of the desired ore.
It’s worth noting that this method only mines ores that are adjacent to each other, forming walls.
By incorporating the Tree Capitator with Vein Miner addon into your Minecraft gameplay, you can optimize your resource gathering process and enhance your overall gaming experience.

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