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Craft mod

You can download the Craft mod for Minecraft PE on Android and see what happens. If you enjoy frequently transforming areas in your favorite online game, as well as inventing a variety of items, weapons, and armor.

Craft Mod for Minecraft PE: What Advantages Does It Offer?

In this modification, developers have greatly improved the crafting system, making it more robust and convenient.

What this means for an active player:

  • There are significantly more items aimed at enhancing the player’s life.
  • Many useful recipes and carefully written instructions have been added.
  • Various auxiliary elements are placed on the interactive map, which can be used to create anything, anywhere.
  • Intriguing mobs that inhabit the biomes of different worlds are introduced.
  • Rare golden apples that bring many benefits to Steves are included.
  • Structural blocks that enhance the appearance of the terrain are enabled.

More Crafting:

The modification for MCPE adds a large number of functional and effective recipes to the application. They can be found in the corresponding section.

What missing “features” diligent developers have added:

  • There is no longer a need to hunt around the perimeter for flying enemies to obtain an elytra. It can be found anywhere on the surface of the earth.
  • Also, to obtain elytra, you can use elements scattered throughout the Sandbox.
  • The appearance of a new workbench that allows crafting eggs and spawning various creatures.
  • The ability to create ore independently.

Craft mod

Craft mod


With this update, you can create additional structures that open up new directions in the online application.

What’s available in the list:

  • New type of residential houses;
  • Outposts of malevolence;
  • Church buildings;
  • Ruined fortresses;
  • Shipwrecks;
  • Portals.

It is worth noting that it works perfectly in Steve’s survival mode.

Automatic Crafting:

For those who love constant change, there is an option for automatic crafting: it is configured in the game menu. Now everything is simplified to the maximum.

What has appeared:

  • Tools;
  • Materials;
  • Mechanisms.

Craft mod

Craft mod

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