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Command Blocks mod

You can download the Command Blocks mod for Minecraft PE on Android and see what happens. If you take a look, the game has a less popular feature for controlling many processes simultaneously.

Functions: Why it’s needed

Developers aren’t particularly fond of dealing with multifaceted modifications that have several dominant functions at once. This significantly complicates the task. But sometimes it’s still useful to take advantage of the proposed update.

Drawbacks of working without the modifier:

  • Difficulty in understanding the functioning principle of command mode blocks.
  • Inability to achieve the desired task without using cheats.
  • Low activity of usage in the general gaming space.

Advantages of the modification:

  • The Command Blocks mod for MCPE provides an understanding of the general technological process.
    It allows active users to learn about block functions.
  • You can test it on game servers and in creative mode. The latter option is preferred by most active players.
    Simplifies the process of moving blocks.
  • You can place necessary objects in a minecart or station and use them as needed.

Simplifying command mode
This modifier launches all commands simultaneously in the Minecraft world.

What needs to be done:

Enter the “Useful Functions” command in multiplayer: an additional window will appear with a list of program-provided capabilities.
Entering the “Disable Function” command terminates the specified process.

Useful tasks for command blocks:

  • Protect objects where creature spawns are possible.
  • Restore the initial mode.
  • Block all possible negative manifestations and changes in the game space.
  • Control all processes in the village at the specified location.

Command Blocks mod

Command Blocks mod

Command Blocks mod


The second mod for MCPE significantly simplifies the main task: simply place all the necessary items and non-solid blocks in a minecart. Then, transport all the goods with you to use them at the appropriate moment.

Command Blocks mod

Command Blocks mod

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