BasePvP Texture Pack

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BasePvP Texture Pack

The Basepvp Texture Pack is crafted specifically for Minecraft’s PvP mode on Android, standing out for its exceptional aesthetic appeal compared to most other packs.

Basepvp is undeniably one of the most visually stunning texture-packs for pvp. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the creator has skillfully revamped numerous elements while ensuring they remain effective in practical use.

Notable Features:

Sleek armor design in MCBE.

BasePvP Texture Pack

Modifications to swords.

BasePvP Texture PackRevamped blocks

BasePvP Texture Pack


BasePvP Texture PackCustomized sky.

BasePvP Texture Pack

Despite basepvp’s replacement of many Minecraft elements, their appearance remains notably impressive. The textures maintain a vanilla resolution in the game, with the archive offering various file versions tailored for Android (both basic and lightweight options) and Java.

BasePvP Texture Pack

Additional Features:

  • Support added for release 1.20.40.
  • Optional weapon file included for Java.
  • Subtle adjustments to the color palette.
  • Enhanced textures.

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