ArathNido’s: Thor mod 1.20+

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ArathNido's: Thor mod

The ArathNido’s: Thor mod will allow you to become the God of Thunder in Minecraft PE (Bedrock). The game will feature Thor’s weapons and armor, including powerful attack abilities that can be used against enemies.

Addon Features:

This modification is inspired by the mythology of Thor, the god of lightning and thunder. It adds elements to MCPE that allow you to embody this powerful deity. Additionally, you can use this addon in survival mode.

Divine Abilities:

  • With this mod, you can don the armor and weapons of different deities: Thor, Loki in Minecraft PE.


  • You can use it for various purposes. For example, if you jump from a height and hold Mjolnir in your hand, there will be a powerful lightning strike upon landing.

ArathNido's: Thor mod


  • If you hold Thor’s hammer and use Elytra, you will be able to fly indefinitely.

ArathNido's: Thor mod


  • The game will feature a variety of Thor’s armor options.

ArathNido's: Thor mod


  • Not only will his armor be added, but you can also use his attack abilities.

ArathNido's: Thor mod

Works on versions 1.20+.

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