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Aplok Guns

This is a variant of the Aplok Guns addon, where firearms are used for combat. This version offers simple yet effective models of firearms that are not only visually appealing but also carefully designed in terms of sound. The mod can be used in multiplayer/survival systems.

Key features of the modification:

  • Weapons that fit the Minecraft style.
  • Sound – a treat for the ears.
  • Animation in many areas, including shooting, has become smoother.
  • More pleasant and light visual effects – for example, bullet shots, explosive effects, and much more.

You can create all the necessary items on the workbench.

War supplies:


Changes made by the mod:

  • Appearance of new types of weapons.
  • Improvement of animation effects, textures, explosive effects.
  • The mod can be used with version 1.20.50.
  • Optimization affecting particles.
  • Removal of some unnecessary elements.

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