Roll and Stamina addon 1.20/1.19

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Roll and Stamina addon 1.20/1.19

To experience a novel gameplay feature in Minecraft on your Android device, make sure to download the Roll and Stamina addon.

With this mod, you can significantly improve your monster-fighting capabilities within Minecraft Bedrock Edition. This unique mechanic will prove invaluable during challenging scenarios in the blocky world.

Key Attributes of the Roll and Stamina Mod:
To utilize this modification, you must enable experimental features. This enables you to execute rolls, although it’s essential to note that this ability isn’t excessively dominant. Every roll consumes your stamina.

Should your stamina deplete to zero, your character will incur a temporary speed penalty, rendering them more susceptible.

Installation Instructions:

  • Download the mod.
  • Access the files through Minecraft.
  • Activate the add-ons in the settings.
  • Enable “Experimental Settings.”
  • Initiate your world.

Roll and Stamina addon 1.20/1.19

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