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Knights Mod

Download the Knights mod for Minecraft PE on Android and immerse yourself in medieval reality!

Here are the opportunities that arise:

Fans have long been asking developers to add interesting additions that would allow players to experience the Middle Ages.

Advantages and challenges:

  • Introduction of new and unpredictable mobs.
  • Exciting exploration of space and the ability to wander through all locations.
  • All biomes are now subject to the influence of medieval style.
  • The emergence of new and interesting defenders for Steve.
  • The Knights mod for Minecraft PE also introduces a variety of interesting enemies.
  • The blocky world is now inhabited by a wide variety of monsters and creatures.

    Ancient world:

    This modification creates conditions for players to be in the Middle Ages and to meet representatives of various knightly orders. However, warriors cannot expect to feel fully protected and safe. They can also be unpredictable enemies.

Knights Mod

Knights Mod

New mobs:

This update introduces many interesting mobs and creatures.

The most notable ones are:

  • Monk – capable of healing any wounds;
  • Wizard – summons other creatures;
  • Alchemist – studies herbs and creates various potions;

Knight – not a hundred percent defender, as is commonly believed based on ancient legends and tales. On the contrary, they may attack any villager or NPC with their sharp sword.

Knights Mod


This Knights mod for Minecraft PE introduces many new items in a medieval style. This allows for creating interesting interiors typically seen in:

  • Taverns;
  • Churches;
  • Rural houses.

    Valhalla Guards:
    This update introduces six new types of characters tasked with protecting the village:

  • Archers;
  • Lords;
  • Mages;
  • Knights;
  • Monsters;
  • Witch doctors.

Knights Mod

How territory defense works:

  • Bell – directs knights to the center of the settlement;
  • Bonfire – sends troops to the outskirts of the village;
  • Gold nugget – everyone obediently follows the main character.
  • Any mob can be turned into a knight using the formula: NPC + wooden sword.

Knights Mod

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