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Hardcore Mode addon

The developer of the Hardcore Mode addon presents a genuine challenge for players in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.If you pride yourself on being a hardcore player, this modification is sure to catch your interest.


Hardcore Mode addon

The add-on creator has significantly raised the difficulty level of Minecraft gameplay. Here are the notable changes:

  • Blocks can no longer be broken manually.
  • Punching no longer deals damage.
  • Respawn is disabled.
  • Inventory is locked.
  • The character level cap is set at thirty.
  • Difficulty settings remain unchanged.

However, it’s not all grim and daunting. The mod introduces four new items that seamlessly integrate into this challenging mode:

  • Resurrection water: Teleports you back to the spawn point.
  • Flint: Useful for breaking simple blocks.
  • Backpack: Unlocks one additional slot in the player’s inventory.
  • Heart bottle: Increases HP by 1 unit.

All these items can be discovered in various chests or bought.

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