Nico’s Mobs addon 1.21+

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Nico’s Mobs addon 1.21+

Nico’s Mobs Addon is one of the most extensive modifications introducing new mobs to Minecraft PE (Bedrock). It adds mythical, fantastical, and amusing creatures to the game, each with unique loot. These creatures can be either peaceful or aggressive and pose various challenges to players.

  • Features of the Mod:

This mod is an excellent addition for MCPE if you’re looking to complicate and diversify your gameplay with new and unusual creatures, crafts, and items.

Besides the detailed and unique mobs with distinct characteristics and abilities, the mod also includes new special blocks, elements, and a variety of equipment, some of which are magical.

  • Unique Mobs:

Due to the extensive variety and diversity of all the mobs in this addon, we can’t cover each one in detail. However, here are some interesting mobs you might encounter in the game:

  • Cave Wolf: A peaceful mob found in dungeons. It can be tamed and will attack certain other mobs.
  • Sculk Walker: An aggressive mob that spawns in deep caves. It is dangerous and can quickly kill players and some mobs.
  • Cursed Scarecrow: An aggressive mob that appears in various forest biomes. It will attempt to kill players and certain other mobs with its hoe.
  • Red Mushroom: A peaceful mob that spawns in swamps and forests. It can be tamed, will follow you adorably, and can be bred with other types of mushrooms.

  • New Blocks:

While blocks are not the main focus of this PE mod, there are still some new additions, mainly natural blocks that can be used for construction:

  • Mud Soil: Crafted from 4 lumps of mud (or baked into bricks), this block can be used to form various building variations.
  • Jellyfish Slime Block: A beautiful block that can be used for decorations. To craft it, gather 9 jellyfish slimes.

  • New Items and Loot:
    Playing with this mod, you’ll encounter a lot of new loot and equipment in your Minecraft PE (Bedrock) world. Most of these items can be used for complex crafting, and the equipment provides additional effects in battles.
  • Equipment:

Scorpion Gloves: Common rarity, poisons the target for 15 seconds upon attack, can be enchanted.
Wooden Club: Common rarity, has a chance to knock back the target upon attack, cannot be enchanted.


  • Food:

The mod also includes new types of food, some of which can be used to tame specific mobs.

  • Other Loot:

This includes various auxiliary loot used for crafting and other purposes, which players can obtain by killing certain mobs or finding them in the world.

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