Adventure+ Textures 1.21+

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Adventure+ Textures 1.21+

Adventure+ Textures: Perfect for Survival and Adventure Enthusiasts in Minecraft PE (Bedrock).
These textures are designed for those who love surviving and seeking adventures in Minecraft, as they display various decorations on the character’s back in a backpack or on their head, based on the items in the inventory.

  • Features of 3D Inventory Items:

These textures will show decorations on your skin in the MCPE world, depending on the following items in your inventory: chests or shulker boxes, spyglass, drawn map, gold ingot, sword, pickaxe, axe, shovel, hoe, fishing rod, and cauldron.

With this set of items, you can change the decorative gear on your character (most items have priority over each other, so you can’t wear everything at once).

  • Demonstration of 3D Decorations:

Below are screenshots of specific decorations you can use with this resource pack in your world.

Adventure+ Textures 1.21+

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