Plant Vs Zombies 2 addon 1.21+

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Plant Vs Zombies 2 addon 1.21+

With the Plant Vs Zombies 2 Addon, you can set up a strategic tower defense game in your Minecraft PE (Bedrock) world, directing various types of plants to battle zombies attempting to invade your home and eat your brains.

  • Features of the Plant vs. Zombies Battle Mod:

This modification includes several maps and plants from the original Plant Vs Zombies 2 game, with more to be added in the future.

Protect your home by planting various types of plants in your yard. You can also use the classic sunflower to generate sunlight and the peashooter as a turret to fend off zombies.

  • Demonstration of Plants and Gameplay:

This mod features four types of plants from four different maps in the Plants vs. Zombies game, now brought to life in MCPE. You will need to manually place all the seedlings in the appropriate slots on the field.

  • Plants:

You will find the player’s home plants, Ancient Egypt plants, pirate seas plants, and Wild West plants:

  • Gameplay:

The gameplay in this mod remains true to the original: you will need to strategically place plants and use their abilities to defend your home from the zombie invasion.

Plant Vs Zombies 2 addon 1.21+

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