Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE [Beta version]

Download the latest version of Minecraft PE for Android and explore the collection of technical and visual innovations that transform the sandbox into a true masterpiece.

  • What’s New in Minecraft

Developers have provided information on urgent fixes, addressing issues where multiplayer servers would not load, and user content significantly reduced FPS, causing crashes and critical errors.

Changes and Fixes:

Mojang’s specialists announced a collection of 11 improvements that address technical issues and problems with optimization, crafting, and controls:

  • Double doors can now be crafted from any type of wood (they don’t need to match).
  • A new control system on iOS and iPadOS allows for moving buttons from the left to the right side of the interface.
  • Slabs, including double slabs, can be destroyed in 90 seconds even without tools.
  • The touch control settings on smartphones and tablets have been updated with inactive areas on the left and right to prevent accidental taps.
  • Information about available emotes and chat commands now appears when approaching other players.
  • The flight speed of launched Wind Charges has been increased by 50% (this boost does not affect mobs).
  • Characters now dismount from rideable animals differently and no longer fall through textures.
  • The reporting system for dishonest allies and opponents now reacts more promptly to incoming messages.
  • The design of weapons, including the Trident and Mace, has been reworked with new rare colors and high-resolution textures.
  • Attempting to open already-used Chests in Trial Chambers now triggers a corresponding reminder melody.
  • Flags have been updated with new parameters, such as rarity, highlighted with special labels.

Bug Fixes:

The patch also improves the overall gameplay experience:

  • Realms servers are now unrestricted and allow the use of items from themed modifications.
  • Wind Charges can no longer activate Bells multiple times in a row (the sound plays only once).
  • Crafters no longer show “signs of life” from a distance of 5 or more blocks away from players and mobs.
  • Heavy Cores now display correctly in all menus (and inventories) and no longer occupy 4 or even 8 slots.
  • Combined stone slabs have been updated with thematic filters and special labels for easier searching.
  • Mobs and random characters no longer lose health during world loading or when transitioning between dimensions through portals.
  • Wind Charges no longer blend into the surroundings and do not reduce FPS for nearby players.
  • Infinite world and Realms loading has been fixed – if Minecraft freezes, a new session is automatically launched.
  • The transition animation from “Walking” to “Crawling” no longer occurs in gaps above beds.
  • Projectiles launched by Breeze no longer destroy blocks if the corresponding settings are selected in “Options.”
  • Crashes on Amazon mobile devices have become rare – the sandbox runs much more smoothly.
  • Drowned mobs no longer form packs and now appear singly near rivers or within underground water bodies.
  • Death messages display correctly in split-screen mode in Survival following Hardcore rules.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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