Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE [Beta version]

The new test build with enhanced chat commands, improved optimization, and fixed bugs is now available – download Minecraft PE for Android and explore the entire collection of new features right away!

  • What’s New in Minecraft PE

The latest update addresses common issues with server and local world loading and partially rebalances and changes mob behavior rules near certain biomes.

The new patch also includes content for the “Workshop”: Mojang specialists have introduced scripts, commands, and tools to help developers and testers of mods (maps and textures) bring more innovative ideas to the community.

Changes and Fixes
The build includes over 11 new features. Key highlights:

  • The /spreadplayers command now includes the Max Height parameter, affecting the maximum teleportation height of mobs and NPCs.
  • Copper doors (including double doors) can now only be destroyed with a stone pickaxe or better.
  • Interacting with a Spawner now plays thematic sounds and emits particles nearby.
  • Certain environment elements no longer drop when destroyed in Creative mode.
  • Pop-up text, visual, and interactive hints in the new sandbox version are now animated.
  • Forest predators (Wolves, Bears) now react to natural events like spreading lava, immediately changing their behavior to avoid damage and relocate.
  • Wind Charges have been significantly reworked – ranged weapons now function consistently everywhere (including underground), lift targets 6 blocks high, and inflict delayed fall damage.

Bug Fixes
The number of technical issues has been significantly reduced:

  • Smooth Quartz Slab textures no longer flicker, blend with the background, or disappear on mobile platforms.
  • The previously displayed message about copied coordinates no longer appears in the general chat.
  • Information about unread histories now includes a thematic button and a special indicator.
  • The In-Game Market interface has been redesigned – Minecraft now displays new colors for sections and text, aligns tags horizontally, and tabs do not disappear after a page refresh.
  • Changing the aspect ratio on smartphones and tablets now affects the safe zone, reducing false taps.
  • The /spreadplayers chat command no longer moves mobs and NPCs several blocks lower than the current Y-axis position.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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