Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE [Beta version]

Download the latest version of Minecraft PE for Android and dive back into the sandbox, now free of critical bugs and server loading issues.

What’s New in Minecraft

Mojang’s experts have focused on fixing technical issues that appeared in previous builds during control setup or while connecting to local and multiplayer servers. The number of problems has significantly decreased in this patch.

Additionally, the developers have introduced over 20 thematic tools, chat commands, and scripts for the “Workshop,” which is used by testers and enthusiasts for working on unofficial content.

Changes and Fixes:

The new build runs much more smoothly:

  • Reworked category names in the “Wardrobe” filled with skins and accessories.
  • Some hints now appear in the chat.
  • Certain headers are now animated.
  • Local worlds in Realms load much faster and are accessible from the thematic menu.
  • Characters and mobs now dismount next to rideable animals.
  • Death in hardcore mode now shows both statistics and a button to return to the main menu.
  • Using search queries no longer resets selected filters in the Realms history.

Bug Fixes:

The new patch includes a total of 11 improvements. Key highlights:

  • Partially depleted hearts are now displayed on the screen again.
  • The menu related to Structural Blocks has been enhanced with new buttons.
  • User-selected settings in “Options” no longer reset during gameplay sessions.
  • Icons in the “Achievements” section no longer blend with the background.
  • Changing controls automatically hides the “Input Mode” menu to save time.
  • Transferring worlds from consoles or PCs to mobile platforms no longer results in block and item destruction (durability no longer changes).
  • The Recipe Book has been updated with new entries, including Banners with customizable patterns.
  • Realms histories now play back correctly and no longer cut off midway.
  • Activating custom control settings now displays a miniature of the selected hero (with skins).
  • Moving on ladders and stairs no longer changes the interface scale and button sizes.
  • Destroying Wolf Armor now produces new effects (more particles appear).
  • Launched Wind Charges now knock off even mobs and players riding on animals.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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