Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE [Beta version]

Experience new effects and enchantments, along with a range of technical innovations and fully resolved optimization issues – download Minecraft PE on Android and immerse yourself in the constantly evolving sandbox with fresh enthusiasm.

  • What’s New in Minecraft PE

To start, the experts at Mojang Studio have introduced more than 25 commands, scripts, and tools to the “Workshop” in this latest release, which are utilized by testers and developers of unofficial content (such as mods, maps, and textures).

Additionally, the community has initiated another phase of public testing for unique mechanics, ideas, and visual changes with the transition to the new version.

  • Experimental Mode:
    There are numerous capabilities not yet accessible in the official sandbox version, still in the beta testing stage:

Mace: This close combat weapon now supports the enchantment system. The “Gust of Wind” effect propels the owner into the air, directing a scorching blast of air at enemies. With the “Density” enchantments, the mace inflicts significantly more damage when using aerial attacks and pushes mobs with greater force. The “Breakthrough” enchantment shatters any armor and repels undead and animals. In addition to its combat effects, the weapon has undergone visual changes – emitting particles, slicing through the air, and charging with energy.
“Raid Sign”: A special combat status granted to the slayer of a pillager captain. It activates after 30 seconds, following the familiar “Bad Omen” effect. This status can be removed by consuming Milk.

  • Paintings: Several new artworks are available in “Creative” and “Survival” modes. They can be hung on walls, enhancing rooms with medieval or modern finishes.
  • Challenge Rooms: Randomly generated structures are now uniformly covered with blocks, eliminating sharp height differences that hinder movement between rooms.
  • Menacing Spawner: This block displays dropping items and allows you to immediately identify the rarity of rewards obtained by defeating enemies.


  • Sandbox Innovations:
    There are several new features in the sandbox:

Coral blocks are now categorized and can be summoned by commands several times faster (eliminating the need to sift through the output);
Educational mechanics introduced in Minecraft now enable the display of information about chemical elements on servers in “Creative” mode;
Touch control elements fixed on the screen have been calibrated and partially redesigned.

  • Bug Fixes:
    There are just over 10 technical changes.


  • Key Highlights:

Keyboards and third-party equipment on Xbox no longer interfere with switching between chats and viewing the history of sent messages;
The positioning of buttons on the screen during underwater movement has been adjusted for a more comfortable interaction with the character;
Crashes during teleportation to locations where Pistons are placed, pushing chests (and other blocks), are no longer occurring;
Adaptive text-to-speech can be more finely configured – adjusting speed, volume, and language;
Servers set to “Hardcore” difficulty no longer allow players to remain in “Observer” status and spy on others;
Turtles no longer collapse and unfold continuously when taking damage from the environment or beyond the danger zone;
The onset of the “Suffocation” effect no longer causes critical issues or texture display problems.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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