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Minecraft PE for Android

New Year’s holidays getting closer and developers released a fresh beta-version of Minecraft Main focus is on modernize and increasing practicable of snow-blocks. A lot of tasks to ensure block logical physical parameters and interaction with it coincides with real abilities of powdery-block

Functionality new-level. List of changes find visual and mechanical-improvements.

Objects and mobs gradually-freezing, and user appears frosting on screen as an indicator of degree of freezing
Creatures and characters stop-freezing if they on fire.
Burning things go-out if they caught
Command allow to disable damage in MCBE during cold /gamerule freezedamage false
Noises of movement straight loose-snow;

Minecraft PE for Android
Moving in snow-powdery – heavy animal fall-down, but can pass slower than normal, and lightweight-mobs do not drop direct and go like on a solid surface.
Third-person view
Transition neighboring-blocks, textures became transparent;
Blocks not stop shells, but do not cause harm if fall on them from a high height
Improved artificial intelligence of goats – they try to avoid hitting, they fall-away into it

Bug-fix look unusual and will be useful in winter-time and on winter locations. Beta version is not one that boasts-snow.
Major corrections.

Improvements in MCPE
Updated sounds and mechanics in netherworld. Edits from Minecraft-Bedrock present in beta-game. It is important that Shulker crates work and do not glitch. Solved hotkey to switch to full-screen mode by pressing F11, which is practical for Windows 10 platform. In addition, attached a directory of fog, expand graphical features of app.

Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

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