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Lost Fauna addon

Since the extinction of dinosaurs, the Lost Fauna addon enhances Minecraft PE by introducing fossils that players must discover to assemble complete skeletons or DNA, enabling the revival of prehistoric animals and plants.

Key features of the Lost Fauna mod include:

  • Fossils: Players must explore cave systems and locate sedimentary rocks to find dinosaur fossils. These rocks are distinct from other ores and yield dinosaur fossils, plants, bones, or stones when mined.

  • Machines: The mod includes five machine blocks essential for replicating extinct dinosaur species.

  • Dinosaurs: The mod introduces over 10 species of dinosaurs, including both ruthless predators and peaceful, harmless varieties.

  • New mob: Tapejara, a creature that can be tamed using the fruits of the eudicot plant, also added by the mod.

  • Riding dinosaurs: The update allows players to saddle two dinosaur types, Pycnonemosaurus and Spectrovenator. To do so, players must place a saddle in their inventory after growing and taming them.

  • Plants: Alongside dinosaurs, the mod introduces new prehistoric plants (currently five species). These plants can be used to decorate the dinosaurs’ living areas and, in some cases, aid in their taming.

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