VeinCapitator mod 1.21+

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VeinCapitator mod 1.21+

The VeinCapitator mod simplifies mining all types of ores, wood, and fossil blocks in Minecraft PE, allowing you to mine up to 64 blocks at once with a single press. Use pickaxes while crouching for multiple ore mining, axes for wood, and shovels for fossil blocks.


  • Mass mining with a single press only works while crouching and consumes tool durability for each block broken.
  • The mod pack can be configured to enable specific tool categories or all tools for mass mining.
  • Tools enchanted with Fortune or Unbreaking will work with the mod and can be used for mass mining.

Demonstration of Mass Mining:

Below is an example of mass coal mining in Minecraft Bedrock using an iron pickaxe while crouching. The pickaxe loses significant durability for all the blocks mined but quickly extracts them all at once.

VeinCapitator mod 1.21+

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