X-Ray Pro resource pack

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X-Ray Pro resource pack

The X-Ray Pro resource pack allows you to explore the world or significantly simplify survival in Minecraft PE by seeing valuable blocks through textures. It is adapted for survival and is excellent for ocean exploration.


  • This X-Ray for MCPE has three modes: the first is convenient for survival, as it does not hide grass, logs, leaves, and chests; the second provides a better view of ores; and the third is great for ocean exploration.
  • This professional-grade X-Ray can be used on servers and in any world, as it is difficult to detect and avoid bans. The textures also work in the Nether. Night Vision potions improve visibility even further.
  • For the correct functioning of this texture pack on phones, you need to enable Outline Selection in the game’s Video settings, disable Smooth Lighting and Fancy Graphics, and increase the brightness to the maximum.

Demonstration of Block Vision:

Here is how the different display modes work in X-Ray, providing significant advantages to all beginner players in Minecraft Bedrock for world exploration and rapid development in the game.

X-Ray Pro resource pack

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