Unnamed Bow Game map 

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Unnamed Bow Game map 

This Unnamed Bow Game map offers various game modes and classes of archers, with mysterious arrows that provide specific effects in Minecraft PE. You can either play as a hunter in hide-and-seek or use bows and arrows to defeat everyone!

  • Features of the Unnamed Bow Game Map:

Play hide-and-seek, survival mode, or split into teams to battle your friends in Minecraft PE using bows and arrows with unique class abilities.

Unlock new effects for your arrows and enjoy numerous customizable modifiers to increase the game’s difficulty!

Ability Classes:

The map features 10 unique classes with special arrow abilities:

  • Teleporter: Uses arrows to teleport to the block they hit, perfect for disorienting enemies.
  • Bomber: Shoots explosive arrows with a distinct sound indicating the time until detonation, allowing you to take cover.
  • Trapper: Sets traps with arrows that cause blindness and nausea to enemies, ideal for taking advantage of the moment.
  • Summoner: Spawns armored zombies with arrows to distract or attack enemies.
  • Booster: Arrows provide temporary buffs to the player, great for gaining an advantage in combat.
  • Levitator: Grants levitation to oneself or others when hit by an arrow, useful for gaining a strategic position.
  • Builder: Arrows place blocks upon impact, which can be broken with a sword, offering multiple uses from blocking paths to quick approach tactics.
  • Destroyer: Breaks blocks with arrows, effectively creating obstacles for enemies.
  • Disorienter: Causes confusion by altering the enemy’s camera angle upon arrow impact.
  • Freezer: Freezes enemies with arrows, immobilizing them but still allowing them to attack and turn.
  • Game Locations:This Minecraft PE (Bedrock) map includes 8 diverse maps for bow and arrow games:

    Cave: Features numerous crevices, tunnels, and spots perfect for launching arrows.

  • Sandstone: Has an open center, a secret room, and is overall a desert settlement.

  • Portals: A combined location of two dimensions with a green surface and Nether caves below.

  • Laboratory: Includes a portal to another part of the map and multiple rooms.

  • Frost: Allows players to throw snowballs at enemies, with a hut and tree thickets to climb.

  • Graveyard: The darkest location, with graves, tunnels, scarecrows, and pumpkins.

  • Ocean Monument: A sea-themed map with places to jump on sea lanterns, leading to the center.

  • End: An End-like map with stunning effects, End crystals, and shulker boxes.

Unnamed Bow Game map 

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