OpenBlocks Elevator mod 1.21+

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OpenBlocks Elevator mod 1.21+

With the OpenBlocks Elevator mod, you can create teleporting elevators in your Minecraft PE world using wool and Ender Pearls. These elevators can transport players up to 65 blocks vertically by jumping or crouching, and they can also be camouflaged.

  • Features of the Mod:

The teleporting elevator block is perfect for technological constructions in Minecraft PE and significantly eases movement between floors of tall buildings or other structures.

The elevator can be disguised with 30 different blocks to reduce visibility, but this does not affect its function of moving up or down 64 blocks by jumping or crouching.

  • How Teleporting Elevators Work:

It’s straightforward. As previously described, to ascend up to 64 blocks to the upper teleporting block, jump on the lower block. To descend, crouch on the upper block in your Minecraft Bedrock world.

  • Block Camouflage:

The elevator block can be camouflaged with the appearance of one of 30 available blocks, allowing you to create secret passages and hidden elevators.

  • Crafting the Block:

To create the elevator block in your world, use the recipe provided below.

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