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Star Pixel addon

The Star Pixel addon is a delightful addition for Star Wars enthusiasts, introducing Lightsabers, spaceships, iconic characters, villains, and more into Minecraft PE. It’s a captivating add-on featuring impressive animations.

  • Key Features:

This mod for MCPE (Bedrock) draws inspiration from the Star Wars universe! It is usable in both survival and creative modes, with all crafting recipes conveniently available in the crafting table.

  • Star Wars Elements:

Exciting elements from the Star Wars movies will be seamlessly integrated into the game. Players can undergo transformations and partake in epic battles with mobs and friends alike.

  • Ammunition:

Enhance your Jedi skills by wielding Lightsabers. Choose your preferred color and dive into the fray. Additionally, new armor sets will be introduced.

Star Pixel addon

  • Spaceships:

Embark on spaceships summoned through a special beacon, visible as they approach you.

Star Pixel addon

  • Heroes and Villains:

A plethora of mobs from the “Star Wars” universe will be introduced to the game.

Star Pixel addon

  • Weapons:

Arm yourself with laser guns, allowing for precision attacks against villains.

Star Pixel addon

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