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X-Men Addon

The X-Men Addon is a massive modification that adds an impressive collection of heroes from the <X-Men> universe of comics and Hollywood blockbusters to Minecraft. Wolverine, Quicksilver, Beast, and even Deadpool – these new characters will be fully playable and available in both “Creative” and “Survival” modes.

In addition to the <X-Men>, the mod pack also includes a new trader (Charles Xavier) and a new material – adamantium, which will be useful in crafting armor, weapons, and unusual accessories. Finding this unusual alloy is not difficult: the grey-black block generates near water bodies – both on the surface and at depth.

The found adamantium needs to be processed in a furnace before smelting: after smelting, a special black ingot will be added to the inventory, which even a novice blacksmith can handle.

  • Costumes and Characters:

The basic equipment is crafted at a workbench from adamantium ingots and pre-prepared armor elements (e.g., a golden helmet, steel breastplate, or netherite boots). Each prepared costume guarantees access to unusual effects, as well as increases base statistics and unlocks new abilities. But let’s take it one step at a time.


Wolverine’s costume consists of 4 items that increase the following characteristics:

  • Physical damage resistance – 4;
  • Jump height – 4;
  • Running speed – 10;
  • Regeneration – 4;
  • Walking speed – 3;
  • Strength – 4.

When using Wolverine’s claws, virtual travelers will be able to deal even more damage (up to 24 units) and attack enemies in the area using the sneak button.


A superhero and mutant, Cyclops relies on laser beams emitted from his eyes in battle. The mod pack offers to immediately collect special glasses that will help him deal magical damage from a great distance. The superhero’s costume is assembled from just 6 blocks of adamantium and several armor elements, so many characteristics do not look too impressive:

  • Physical damage resistance – 3;
  • Jump height – 2;
  • Running speed – 2;
  • Regeneration – 1;
  • Walking speed – 2;
  • Strength – 2.

Deadpool – an anti-hero, mocking many of the ideas. But constant jokes do not prevent the character from relying in battle on special blades that cause bleeding, and a set of two pistols that leave no chance for unprepared enemies.

However, using firearms is not very convenient – pistols take a long time to reload and require constant crafting of a new magazine from gunpowder and adamantium ingots.

The characteristics of the costume are as follows:

  • Endurance – 3;
  • Jump height – 2;
  • Running speed – 2;
  • Counterattack – 1;
  • Walking speed – 2;
  • Strength – 2.

Charles Xavier:

Skins and costumes are no longer crafted but purchased for adamantium ingots Charles Xavier. It is impossible to meet the character on the global map; the trader will literally have to be assembled in parts (how exactly – a little below). In addition to costumes, the assortment often includes side trinkets – for example, exclusive weapons.

Quicksilver. The character rapidly gains speed and possesses a large amount of strength and endurance. Secondary characteristics are average (2).

Beast. The Beast’s costume does not apply additional effects or guarantee access to unusual abilities, but it increases strength and resistance to damage to 4, and speed and jump height to 3.

Gambit. The superhero will appeal to those who are not afraid to actively engage in battle (resistance – 4) and are used to jumping and running a lot (3 points in each category of characteristics).

Rogue. A character with a set of quite versatile characteristics with several bonuses to jump height, running speed, and strength (3).

Colossus. The powerful Colossus is strong (4), fast (3), and unafraid to get his hands dirty even in a crowd of enemies (damage resistance – 4).

Storm. The costume adds resistance to fire and fall damage, while also increasing jump height, running speed, and strength (4). Storm also has the ability to summon lightning to a selected location on the map and “roast” careless enemies with the forces of nature.

Charles Xavier is “assembled” from several parts – a chair and a shirt.

Crafting recipes will appear on the workbench.

At the same time, developers will allow the use of Gambit’s staff, which deals massive area damage and pushes away everyone nearby.

The attack is truly devastating, and all you need to do is hold down the attack and jump buttons.

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